"watch me"

-i did have the best weekend ever. i will remember it forever Keith. -i am almost thru my "In Progress" list...and then I'm taking a FN break :] I'm thirsty to spend time in my studio just making things for fun :) for me :) ...and relax without lists at the back of my mind. -i think i'm going to take a vacation day on friday, my birthday. -lola is cute. -i like hoodies. -i can't wait for summer -why is gasoline so expensive? -i've lost 35 pounds so far. -my goal is to have all my FN deadlines completed by thursday. i'm gonna need some redbull. and discipline. -i saw Coralee walking this weekend. blog world meets real world. lol, i was checking out her nice jacketas i drove be, then realized "hey! that's Coralee!" -completed this blog banner for Jody: -thanks so much for your help Heather :] -i've got a case of the mundays. -check out Keith's new model car pictures :] -i learned a new stitching technique yesterday. -this always makes me smile.


  1. happy monday morning LA...love your list...glad your weekend was amazing...

  2. great to hear you had such a wonderful weekend lagatorr. :)
    i´m also waiting for the summer. it´s raining here at the moment... booring..
    ok, have a fun week!! :)

  3. happy Monday, I know it's not the best day of the week, but it is shiny! The jacket is a wal mart special by the way and thanks. Have a good day.

  4. i love that green! :)
    the sun is so warm today :)

  5. wohoo for good weekends!! Makes me wonder what you did?!?!?! ;) miss chatting with you!

  6. Hope you're evening is turning out better for you Leigh-Ann. You are very IMPORTANT to me. I love you!!!

    Love Momma

  7. hey, thanks for the link love!

  8. Ohhh... Make sure to add my laptop cover to that list....PLEEEEEAAASSSSEEE! cause I need one BAAAADDDDDD! Mine is getting scratched and it is brand new!

    35 lbs.... GREAT JOB.... I am so happy for you!

    I absolutely LOVE this picture of the bridge! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  9. That Car is the shizzzznizzzle!!!


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