it was perfect!

everything wonderful happened! (will share more at the end of the weekend. still more excitement. going out with mom, amanda and kody this afternoon then to Keiths' Grandma's 80th birthday party tonight.) * thankyou EVERYONE so much for the birthday comments, emails, hugs, cards & gifts in the mail, phone calls...and love :) you all make me feel so special :) thankyou!


  1. Love this shot beautiful!

  2. Glad it was fab girlie! Here's to many more!
    You did that 26 before 27 right? How did you do?

  3. Glad you had/are having a wonderful birthday weekend!!!

  4. Happy Belated birthday LA! I'm sorry I was late, but sending you love and hugs from Michigan, none the same.

    My birthday is on the twenty-eighth! Yay for April babies

  5. Can't believe I'm late by two days! Happy Happy Birthday! Life is so hectic... last week of school, planning the wedding, etc.

    miss you
    love you

  6. Glad you had and are still having an awesome birthday weekend. Pretty picture - older, but pretty (hee hee - just kidding). The best is yet to come. Wait till you get to the 30s!!!

  7. Ohhhh... LOVE THIS PHOTO!

    Should be a default on something.... Maybe flickr...

    I miss you

    We must skype soon!

    Hey email me you cell number i think i can text you... My plan is an employee plan but my rep said to try it and she will get me a credit if i need it.


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