i heart Jessica

Look at all this cool stuff!!! My friend Jessica (FN Chick) sent this swap package of killer schwag!
She totally picked every single thing that was Leigh-Anny :]
lots of buttons, nests and bird pretty things :)
Thanks so much Jess! And congratulations on your engagement to sweetheart, JtP :) You guys are so wonderful!
Grandma's birthday last night was awesome. And Keithcake brought Gran a birthday card! I thought this was the sweetest thing. Keith met my dad...and that was nice :) I'm so proud to introduce him to my family. And he fits in so well. As if i'm so lucky. I can't believe life got better! wow! big love.
Happy Friday Everyone! I thought it was Friday on Tuesday when i woke up. So this day has been a long time coming :) I love Fridays! Another great weekend ahead :]


  1. happy friday to you, too! hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Your comments on my blog should be sold for big cash so we can join funds and commence with our exotic Canadian vacation on ice.

    Thanks for that. Brightened my pms-absorbed day.

  3. well, I guess I was getting all excited about the talk about ice-cream sandwiches and cocktails. Ice is involved, right? Right?

  4. Hi Mounty!
    We are back from our engagement weekend.
    Holla Back and let's figure out how you want to go about your BLOG update.
    More control over how you load everything when done.
    Peace - Love - & HairGrease

  5. I meant you will have TOTAL CONTROL when done.

  6. Wow! This was a very AWESOME swap... Great job Jess!


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