Large Bag Commissioned for Donna :]
Purple, Green and Electric Blue :)


  1. ooh, it´s so very pretty!
    love it la. :)

  2. oh my goodness. that is the cutest stick figure i have EVER seen. did you or donna come up with that? awesome!

  3. Love That! The polka dots are adorable and the correlating triangles contrasting the gentle curve of all the other parts is awesome. What a fabulous design LA.

  4. You should make something for Ollie and Kenny with these little girls on, like an apron or a book bag for the library (lets just make them into little book geeks that hang around the library like their mamma). They would like this.

    Had fun laughing with you!!!:)

    Love Momma

  5. Aw, this is super cute! LOVE IT! Hey momma that's a great idea for Oliva and Kennedy, they totally would love a handmade with love gift from their favorite Auntie! :P


  6. thanks guys :)
    the stickgirl is Donna's icon. I added the polka dots, cause i *love* polka dots everywhere :)
    she's really happy with it; i'm glad :) she's going to use it for her portfolio (that's why it's a larger bag) when she goes to interviews :)

  7. I love that stick girl.... So cute.
    Great Job LA!


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