a year ago today...i was in vancouver

I flew to Van last March to meet Alice Valentine :) We'd become friends thru blogland and decided to go to Artistry together... she is sunshine! Other than being megasick, it was such an AWESOME trip! Hugs Alice!! Love you!! (full set)


  1. you seemed to have so much fun!
    and gizmo is so tiny in that pic. :)

  2. good memories by the looks of it. Does artistry happen every year?

  3. Ohhh, wasn't that a grand trip. And "button button" - yum. Wish I was there right now. I'm going next (back to Vancouver) in June to visit with my Aunt for a week, and then on an Alaskan Cruise with her for a week. I love visiting her. This time, she is going to let me discover the sky-train, Granville Island, and other such wonders. We always couldn't go, 'cause Uncle wanted company and we could never steal away. June is going to be exciting .. and at the same time .. augh .. first time back since Uncle passed away. And I will be helping Aunt clean out papers, etc. for a bit of that time. Life! But a year ago ... how wonderous it was. Wish I was there under a cherry tree full of blooms right now!

  4. Oh darling :) I was just looking at those pictures yesterday! Time sure does fly by, hey?

    Miss you.


  5. a year ago you were IN vancouver? in a few months...we'll BE there!! (moving from Nebraska, USA to BC--husband from Langley) can't wait to live on the coast!

  6. i was in langly...its SO nice there. really quaint and theres a cool thrift store and yummy bakery that will make you gain 10 pounds, lol!

    thats so cool that you're moving there! and if you're a scrapbooker or artist...i have HAVE to tell you about some amazing stores!!

    whats your name? hi :)
    I'm Leigh-Ann :)

  7. I love the "button button" picture!

    Your a rockstar!


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