i'm home sick, so i went online-window-shopping...

(click the picture to link to the shop. all etsy.)


  1. LOVE the polka dot bathing suit. love love. it's my dream to feel comfortable wearing such a cute bathing suit.

  2. Ooooohhh so many gorgeous things! Feeling all sick - wanting them all....You've got exquisite taste, lady!


  3. awwwww feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it looks like you are having a somewhat ok day, internet window shopping is always fun. I put things in my imaginary cart even though I hardly buy them, it just feels good:)

  4. i too love the polka dot bathing suit and a million other things you picked out as well. Hope you feel better...call me if you wanna talk...i am home tonight feeling rather ill myself.

  5. So sorry you're sick! Feel better soon!

    You have amazing taste! I love, love, love the red dress at the end!!!

    Ooh, I posted a video of me on my blog today -- you should check it out! :)

  6. all of the clothes are amazing!
    my fave is the red jacket. :)

    get well soon dear LA.

  7. You know LA you really have a blogbrain.... GREAT POST!

    I was definitely stuck to the glass as I strolled along in your shopping spree.


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