Font: Tomatica

I'm back to work today :)
ADDED: Lol...Patty wanted to know what he's doing. He's making a font out of Ketchup! And it's a free download here. I'm totally in love :) lol. Ketchup is my favorite foodgroup.
I also love this!


  1. inquiring minds want to know...................what is that person doing???

  2. what do you mean you're back to work? How long were you off sick sickie? :P


    P.S - I am getting impatient, tell Keith that I am going to have to steal you for an evening....and he'll just have to deal with it! That's right Keith, you have to SHARE HER!!!!!! LOL, love ya!

    P.S.S - updates on the "I See Beauty" thinger?

  3. lol, oh Manda ;)
    I was off monday and tuesday but sick for almost a week.
    next week for sure, we'll have coffee and giggles :)

  4. word to your motha, ice ice baby too cold too cold

    oh that vanilla ice kills me, LOVE IT!

  5. Hi Leigh-Ann
    Never seen anyone use tomato sauce as we call it over here!!
    As a journal Funky I like it!!!
    Thanks for the comment about my stamps on Rachels blog !!!
    Love and Skullies Angie

  6. Thanks for the cool new fonts!


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