when you look into my eyes...

(Summer 2006)
...i'm different now. it's weird. they've changed. i've changed. life has changed me. there's a depth that wasn't there before.
if you could see into my soul through my eyes... what do you see?
my friend says he sees a brick wall.
(note: i'm just being reflective. thinky. not depressed.)
(adding perspective: for new people here, my husband and i broke up in november.)


  1. Your missing something.....

    Your missing FRECKLED NEST lets get creative Leigh-Ann..... I am itchin'!!!!

  2. wow..the change is remarkable...
    In the first one there seems to be an innocence..
    second one shows sadness..to me anyway..lol
    but that last one, Holy Crap! (I mean that in a good way..lol) I definately see the new depth there. The innocence is gone..but there is a different beauty there now. Its not 'hardness'...its strength and determination. Awesome!

  3. They look more intense now. Especially in that last pic.

  4. Nah, I don't see a brick wall at all. I see a girl who has been refined by fire, made to shine by being held to the flame. Look, innocence has its charms, but real beauty comes from walking down a tough road with grace, getting to the other side with your head held high.

  5. The first pic shows eyes that are being looked at the second and third are eyes that are looking.
    Ummm. does that even make sense outside of my head. Methinks possibly not.
    oh well.
    Lovely pics nonetheless.

  6. deeper.wiser.stronger.more careful.a wee bit tired.smokey.

    i see alot but i bet you see way more...you are beautiful LA


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