Michael, Nina, Heidi and Tim approve this message

Inka (a designer/seamstress) drew silhouettes of me and Amanda as fashion models...and designed us perfect outfits to match our styles. I woke up and squiggled when I opened this email. Squiggled to clarify, is squealing giggles :) It's a surprise for Amanda. She'll see them tomorrow and freak like I did. We can now pretend we're models on Project Runway thanks to our awesome friend, Inka :) I've already practiced my pony walk ;) THANKS INKA!!!!!!! We adore you!!! AND Guess What! I told Inka she should do custom silhouettes for people thru etsy... and she loved the idea :) She's working on a listing right now, I'll update you once they're available! They're only going to be $15us and so totally coo & unique! It's a fashonista-you, 6'5 and hot hot hot :) (The sketch is shipped to you, its not just a scan.) * NOTE: I have a new club coming... once I can find my camera cord ;) It's so rad! It's called "I see Beauty" * PS> I cleaned my studio Friday... and i've been at 'er all weekend!!! Art Journaling :) LOVVVING IT!!! And the ideas and inspiration haven't stopped coming. I'm BACK baby! AND i got some SUPER GOOD NEWS Saturday... that i'll talk about another time (it's just a personal wonderfulness in my life). But it just made me SO SO SO SO SO happy!!! It's been an AWESOME weekend! Hope yours is too! Loves, LA


  1. Those are absolutely cool! Inka is so incredibly talented.
    Can't wait to hear the good news!!

    New club??? (dying with anticipation :))

  2. I just love the color combo and style of the outfit Inka made for you...that's awesome!

    Definately approved by this Nina ;)

  3. So glad to hear you're 'back baby'!!! :)

  4. You know I AM GLAD TO HEAR you are BACK!

    How cool of Inka to make us these.... I love her!


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