ya, I'm a minamilist now... ;)

This is my backlane! I took out the trash last night...and in a line, it's the WIDTH OF MY YARD! (It's not even all showing in the picture!) That's insane!!! I was giddy and proud of my garbage day donations! I did so good letting go of things I didn't need or use...even some containers(my weakness). Everything in my house has a place now, and it's is so so exciting! I also gathered 5 garbage bags of things to donate.
Last night, Amanda and I worked on my studio. That was the biggest project! But it's coming along... still more work to do in there. I need a little break from cleaning though. Jessica and Teaque, you'd be having so much fun cleaning with me, Mom and Amanda... all you cleaning addicts ;)
Tonight, I'm setting up for the Personalized Ornaments. I will either post about that tonight or tomorrow. After looking at the calender, I should shorten the order placing window (so that they will arrive in time for Christmas)... so now, I'll be taking orders till this Saturday @ Noon :)
PS> Jessica has a mega cool giveaway at Funky Finds right now :) Check it out "Deck the Halls"
PS> I can't wait to make my Cribs video!!! Yeeeeee!!!


  1. can´t wait to see your house inside!! :)
    bring the video on!

  2. I can't wait to see your studio!

  3. Shar here :) Yowzer! Yowzer! The space alone that you have freed up must feel like living in a brand new place. I love a good house purging. We all keep way too much junk, with the excuse that we will need it in the future. Never happens. LA. . .This is your new mantra repeat after me -- When I bring something new into the house. . .I must always throw away or give something that I already have out. 3 things come in. . .3 things go out.

  4. oh man! i SO wish i was there to clean your house!!! nerd alert :)

  5. yay, i love to purge!! good for you :)


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