I'm moving home today. It's "the cleaning party day"---woot woot. Mom and Amanda are on their way over :)
I'm looking forward to seeing Lola and Penny's happy faces :) (Penny's with me for a bit more) It's re-nesting day as Thelma called it :) Making the house new and fresh and la-homey. Which consequently, is my rapper stage name. Word. Happy Sunday everyone!!! :) (this is going to be a limited-quantities kit for sale next year, probably Feb...and not so thick)


  1. it´s cute, sa-weet and amazing "book". just like you la! :)

  2. I like that. Sa-weet. Just what I was thinking!
    Put me on the preorder list! :)

  3. awww what a sweet birdie book :-)


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