Full intentions.

I told Grandma I was going to clean my room. I keep bringing things from my house here. Things I think I need to make the projects sitting in imagination. Anyways, I walk into Chateau Cozy with full intentions to get spic&span... and turn on the TV. Yep- I have a tv in here. It has knobs. I like that. Then, I see chocolate. mmmm. Now, i'm full-on laying in bed at 5:30pm, eating chocolate out of the box, watching Monk, starring at about 10 unpacked econo-mart bags & drinking tea out of my new sunshine yellow, polka dot mug. Oh Lazy Sunday. I love you. -Thunder Monkey


  1. YEAH!

    "i'll have six, no eight, no ten, no wait, six, uuuhhhmmmmmm...."

  2. Hey girl! I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT LATELY... i keep walking by your house to see if you are home...Amanda told me what is going on today at church...
    i would like to get togerher with you....not because of what is going on with you and tyson, but because i want to see you...
    know that i am proud of you, and i am praying with you and for you....
    call me, or facebook me...
    my prayers are with you...
    Jessica Martens

  3. Lazy Sunday + chocolate + Monk = something I would love to do! Hope your evening was a relaxing one!


  4. mmmm.

    oh to be there with my own favorite mug and some peppermint mocha java.


  5. sundays are meant for doing nothing and being lazy...at least that's my reasoning behind never wanting to leave the house and just get lost in movies and projects. it's the only day i really relax! plus, tea and a cheery mug are great :)

  6. when did you start drinking tea?

  7. Tania,
    i'm full on with red rose all my life when i'm at grans. since i was a kid. it's like water here. always 2 "butlers"/pots made... :)


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