Hodge(rt) Podge(rt)

Lol, this is a magnet I made... But I put the magnet on the wrong side....25 times, lol. Today's my first day back to work. I would rather be at home...in bed...but not a healthy idea. My depression will come back if I give into that. It's lunchtime. I'm drinking a coke, listening to Journey, reading about my new friend Lisa Marie (who is absolutely adorable)... she answered a questionarre I sent her...and I'm smiling so much. Btw(mom, that means By The Way), I've updated my "Happy Customers" links on my sidebar. If you blogged your Freckled Nest wares...and I haven't linked you, please let me know. AND you'll eventually get a Thank-You gift in the mail too! :) Also, the "In Progress" section shows the custom orders I'm working on right now. I work in sequence from Top to Bottom. Now let's get serious here friends. SHOWS!... Amanda and I watched 2hours of Top Model yesterday and Grey's Anatomy (Amanda canceled her cable so I tape it, then we watch it together...vhs bad news: the sound was so muffled, lol, we squinted to hear the whole time...). Tyson and I watched CSI Miami and Heroes last night, and I worked on Pam's Tote. Should be done this weekend, just needs Polka Dots :) I missed the Office last week, and I have the reg. CSI on tape. I'm just sticking to my usual shows, not adding any new ones... no time. What were your faves? I...LOVED Top Mod (LOVE LOVE Tyra's new hair & dresses)... Grey's was good. Didn't seem the same though. And Meredith's sister is too cutesy/innocent/out of it. CSI Miami is always a hit with us (we love the one liners, and I love the colors)...and Heroes was saweet. The bloody eyes girl was pretty creep though. When does Project Runway start? I need a Tim Gunn fix. Tomorrow night, Ashli and I are going to see our favorite band, the wonderful Tegan and Sara! THRILLED! I think I'm gonna go buy a new shirt after work. And maybe some shoes... ;) Wanna hear the cutest thing? My Grandma wants to buy a cell phone (for safety and accessibility now that she lives alone) and eventually, a LAPTOP...pretty much to read to email and my blog. I'm gonna teach her how to navigate the computer/internet... We'll be starting from square one. {The moving arrow cursor on my laptop startled her. lol.} I love my Techie Gran! Maybe she'll want a facebook?


  1. aaa! you have a new top model. i´m so so jealous! i wish the shows would come to finland sooner.. and they could be on all the time. lol.
    your grandma is cute. :)
    i´m sure you will be the best teacher for her!!

  2. LOVED the office last week. seriously, it was an awesome ep. i work w/so many people that are just like the characters. scary!

  3. Your Gran can do it if mine can! My Granny is 90 years old and she has been on her own for over 10 years living in the same house her and my Papa bought over 50 years ago. She has been 'online' for awhile now and she loves reading my blog and seeing pics of her great-grandson. She also orders her groceries online. I tease my parents that Gran is more computer literate than they are. I'm not far off either...

  4. Hi sweetness.

    I'm thinking of you these days. I hope you are doing well...feeling well!

    I miss Project Runway too! Wasn't Andrae the funniest?! Hah!

    Did you see LA Ink last night? It was a gooooood episode. I'm all about a tat now more than ever! AND a nose piercing---again!

    miss you girlie bug


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