the DT Contest Winner is.....

Congratulations Meredith, you have won! - A Personalized Notebook - A few Globber Magnets - A Little Yearbook - A new Freckled Nest Etsy Shop Addition... A Handstitched Bag! Thanks to everyone who entered this contest :) Enter before Friday: The Button Contest and the Self-Portrait Contest :) (One persons guess is 17 away from the right amount of buttons. Many are way off ;) I'm mega sick right now... in bed a lot... soup, sleep, and juice. Tyson's taking good care of me.


  1. Hope you feel really well really soon.

    That is such an awesome prize! Congrats Meredith!

  2. I hope you feel better right away. I'm leaving to Red Deer tomorrow morning for my sisters wedding. I'll get my first mission accomplished this weekend and I'll e-mail you the best one as soon as I get home. Sorry for the delay, you know life get's crazy. Again feel better.

    Talk to you soon.


  3. Ooooo! Nice stuff!! Yay Meredith!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. hey freckles..sorry to hear you are full of sickies..take care-sleep lots okay!

    congrats to Meredith..that is a SWEEEEEEET prize!!!! enjoy!

  5. SWEET stuff LA...
    LUCKY you Meredith!!!

    feel better soon, and LET tyson take care of you!
    ( milk, milk, milk it )

  6. Congrats Meredith!
    Those prizes are really awesome.
    Love the new bag. :)

    I hope you´ll get better soon, LA.
    Hugs from Finland.

  7. Leigh Ann, you sweet thing. How generous you are! What an awesome giveaway prize! I'm glad she won...b/c, dayum, those are cool gifts.

    I'm sorry you are sick. :( I know how it sucks. Mike is illin' and I'm on the verge.

    Well, we fly out tomorrow afternoon, and I won't have oodles of time for a few weeks.


  8. Oh. My. GOSH. LA, I am shocked at the goodness that is about to come my way!!!! I can't believe I won! I almost feel bad about it! Sending you my address now...

    And feel better! I'm sorry your kindness is being rewarded with sickness. :-(

  9. I hope you feel better soon! Love the book bag.

  10. What a great prize! It just kept on going! I can't beleive the amount of stitching on that bag either, it must have taken hours!

  11. Aw, so sorry that you feel bad! Be well soon!


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