What a night! We had a HUGE hail storm (which I totally slept thru)... our nephew Patrick (whose staying with us this week) knocked on our bedroom door at 3am and said, Aunty and Uncle, you need to call 911, theres wires on fire outside. We rush to look, and yes, the electrical wires in front of our house were giving us a free (dangerous) fireworks show! I called 911. Everything is fine now. Hero Patrick! *Benefit to waking up at 3am, "Tyson, we still get 3 hours more to sleep!" :)

This mornin, I step out the door to go to work Downtown, and it looks like the world came to an end... Trees are broken everywhere, powerlines down (red tape everywhere for safety), and being that it's garbage day, recycling and garbage everywhere too. Yoy!
What a day. Glad it's Friday! Staying home this weekend and looking forward to it!


  1. oh my, that looks pretty bad.. i hope no one got hurt.
    i´m glad you have a hero on your family who saved you! :)

  2. what is going on with our Canadian weather hey? Glad you guys are safe.

  3. Glad you are ok - looks rough!!

  4. Where is that tree? It's a big one. Downtown?

  5. lol jill, i donno. i googled "broken trees images"... and this one compared with what i saw today. didn't have time to take a real picture, lol. *busted*


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