Groggy walk to the bathroom... "Hero Patrick" left the seat up. I fell in. Reassessing the Hero part. lol.


  1. ah yes - boys and bathrooms. There isn't anything quite like it. Sigh.

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by my site as it gave me a chance to 'click' on 'your' site.

    I absolutely love your bathroom story. My husband and I have our own bathrooms... I love it because I get to decorate it my way and 'the seat is always down'. However, when we travel, I've fallen in a few times and screamed. If I'm falling in then he's waking up!!!

    Must run as we're leaving for the weekend and I still need to shower, etc.


  3. you know, i´ve taught my boyfriend to put the seat down, and he really does it. :)
    i think i´m pretty lucky.

  4. I love your new photo on the side bar!

  5. here's Sean's logic "why should I always have to put it down for you when I always have to lift it up for myself?" When he said that to me, I couldn't find anything to say back.....I haven't ever "fallen in" maybe only once, but I'm in the habit now of just walking in and putting it down.....I also make sure (EVERYTIME) that I'm not going to step into a "puddle", now THAT happens ALL the time! :P Oh MEN!



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