new guilty pleasure...the Victoria Beckham show... and her assistant (Renee) IS totally me. the funniest is the socialites...THEY were major! so good!


  1. I watched that show the other day - tired and didn't move much from the couch! You're right about the assistant - that's you! Not sure I'll watch the show again. Another "I've got money and look what I can do" celebrity thing. I want something more down to earth.

  2. I recorded it on my PVR. I just saw it again tonight.

    I LOVED IT!!!

    Not only does she have me saying "Major" but I'm also saying "Fierce".

    I loved the socialite luncheon. Did you see Marla Maples there? There was also a brunette in the bunch but they didn't show much of her either. You only see Marla and the brunette at the end when they're standing in the doorway saying good-bye.

    The assistant was very sweet but I thought she'd get fired for sure when she asked about "assisting" David! Even my 12 year old son commented on that scene - he said "she's toast!".

    Too bad it was only one show. I for one would watch it every week!


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