a room FULL of estrogen!

I didn't use a flash, so they're blurry, but you get it.
hgaaaaa! This was the funnest theatre i've ever been in! nobody held back their excitement and cheers and hoots...including me; I giggled & squealed the whole way thru. Me, Thelma, Samantha and Shayla sat together. Lots of laughs & chair dancing!
Shayla is awesome & lots of fun; I was telling Tyson about her coolfactor, and he said, "sounds like you found your personality twin"...i think it was a comic book reference, but i got what he meant, lol.
I kinda wanna go see dd again tonight!! but I'm tired and Top Mod is on too! Tyson's going to Kenora this afternoon till tomorrow for Mom's birthday... so i think i'll stay in, but my rubber arm can probably be twisted if anyone else wants to.... *wink*
Mom & Kody: Lol, Notice i took pix in the theatre? Lol, Dad would have walked out instantly in fear that the FBI would catch him beside me, eh?!
Tonight: A post re: my FAVORITE new scrapbooking line! It's a good thing.
AND the winner of the DD contest announced! So get your last entries in, there are still some real good lines out there! ;)
(Note: The prize pack is not ready till next week, but it's coming along.)



    it was soooooo good! Seriously!!! My face still hurts from smiling all throughout the movie, my throat still hurts from hooting and hollering and I am still cooling off from the sexy dance scene......i think i will watch it this weekend ;P LOVE!

  2. so cool that you went! i can't believe it's been so many years since the movie debuted! i feel old :)


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