Modest Mela/Post 200!

Had such a nice visit with Gran today! We had lunch and rhubarb pie together, caught up, laughed and Grandma showed me some old pictures. She always tells me about this picture of her as a little girl "with a pink bow" and she finally found it, tucked it away so she wouldn't lose it, then couldn't find it (that's totally where i get it from, lol). Here's our conversation (read it in the sweetest grandma voice possible) Gran: I finally found that bow picture of me! I have to go find it--*rushes off* LA: You don't have to! Gran: I want to! You can put it on your blog! Comes back. Gran: (Giggling excited) Are you ready?? Oh laugh, SO cute!! It's one of those painted old pictures. I love her little pose! LA: We'll call it Modest Mela-- Gran: ---and I can't even possibly go to the bathroom if somebodies in there, nevermind posing for this photo!

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