guess who i'm talking to :)

Tyson! He's impersonating the Dream girls and how they sing everything to each other "ohhhhhh you dropped you hair brush" - "No, noooo i didn't" - "Yesssss you did" - "Oh iiii did".... too funny! And he shared random things his parents have said like "we found a place where you could buy your rifles!" and "now you're gonna want Leigh-Ann to cook for you" and "I'll teach her how to hem your pants" and "suppers at 6, we're having steak" And i told him about how Lola's sleeping by me all the time, and i saw our birds today, and i don't miss his socks laying around everywhere.

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  1. i bet you were laughing so hard that you could make ice tea salad dressing if you wanted to


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