Made this a few weeks ago. Enjoy :)


  1. How was your day Leigh-Ann, mine was OK. Amanda and the girls came to school during lunch, it was really nice to see them. The girls were really good and everyone enjoyed seeing them. Amanda had some lunch with me---sandwich day.I really love this album, did you make this at Artistry? Really cute and the captions are really appropriate. Very special, something you'll always treasure.
    Have to go paint my nails and go to bed. Best way to do it, sleep with your hands on top of the blankets, not very often does it get messed up.
    Have a good sleep.
    Love Momma

  2. Love the album - very cute! Who made the first paper? (colorful with words)New profile sounds *fab*! hatched from scratch made me giggle - cute!! (I obviously need a new word, I will check the thesarus. Anony- mouse

  3. lookie lookie! churning out super cute mini albums...adorable!

  4. The cover paper is KI Memories :)
    Its kinda shimmery, love it!

  5. really cute LA...and thanks for bringing your KI album to the is amazing...stunning...beautiful!!!


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