I spent the day with Amanda... *love* And I finally believe that "it's different than they're yours" thing everybody tells me...(I'm afraid I won't like having kids...I was a nanny, and kinda used up my kids energy...but everybody, yes EVERYBODY says, "but it's different when they're yours"... and i'm like ya-yaa... but i didn't understand how they meant till today) My sister is the best mom ever! (Other than our Momma) And I never would have pictured her as a mom, nevermind a goo-goo-ga-ga Mom... but she just gets it. Can't put it into words. Today- she was laying on the floor, playing and talking to Kennedy, and I just smiled. Amanda would never do that to just any baby, but to hers, she loves it! It's the most special thing. Loved it!
I brought over CCC...Cheese and Crackers and Coke, and we made 'little gormet sandwiches' was fun ;)
I dressed up Kennedy and Reese; little cowkids :)
My blog hit 6000 this weekend! As if!! Am i cool or what?! Kody-I don't require your answer, lol.


  1. LA, it IS totally different when they're your own. trust me. you have this complete newborn gift of love that will endure a lifetime for your child. one day you WILL come to know and feel this. trust me.
    and congrats on your 6,000...i want a site meter!
    happy day!

  2. Hi LA
    I'm so glad that you spent the day with Amanda and the girls. You need to give yourself a break more often. Olivia and Kennedy probably loved it also, I know Amanda probably loved you being there.
    And YES it will be different when you have your own!! Amanda is a GREAT Mom, she's a natural and so will you. I know it, you have a kind heart Leigh-Ann. Thanks Leigh-Ann for what you said about me. I love my children and family and do TRY to do my best now and before for you all. I love you.
    Love Momma

  3. im offended that you would think i would automatically give sarcastic remark to that statement, though if though if you wouldn't have said that this meesage would be different

    whos video is this new one

  4. those boots are stinkin' cute! love em!

    p.s - it IS 100% different when they are your own kids-you fall in love-instantly.

  5. Yes darling you are cool!! Love the cowboy boots.. how cute! Congrats on the 6000!! That's awsome! I'm too scared to put one on mine because it would be like... 2. haha. As for the baby thing... I can't wait to have children. I know that I am going to love it, and I'm a kid at heart so I'll have someone to play with haha! Have a baby... pleeeeeease?


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