Sharing a few photos from the last few weeks. Lola looks like she's thinking "Oh Momma" or "When can I eat all your paper?"
Today is the last day of the fundraiser! Also the last day that you can purchase totes for $38US/$42CDN. The prices are going up a bit: $42US/$49CDN for Personalized Totes. I will create a new listing on Etsy once I have completed the 4 orders I'm working on ...me fingers are not holding up so well.
A new collection of albums is coming! It's "Pretty in Pink". A six box set of 4.5x4.5" Book Albums. Inspired by Olivia and Kennedy, our beautiful twin neices.
My Momma just came by with a lil' present for me :) She found a book called "The Business of Bliss" and I can't wait to dig into it. She said it will be fun for the plane ride in March... as if i'm that patient?!


  1. ohh those bags are just yummy!
    you are going to sell caboooodles of them!

  2. I have an unrelated comment. Sorry you can't post any photos of the girls on your blog, I wish you could because I love to show them off, but unfortunately the internet is 'the devil', but thanks for all the sweet comments you make about them. Your blog cracks me up everytime sis, keep em coming. Love you, amanda

  3. just another comment, yeah yeah go with the turkey. amanda

  4. Flawless embroidery LA. LOVE IT! BTW - how'd you do that pic with the background all b&w? Very cool.

  5. Thanks Jill :)
    Alice, (the other us) did it for me in Photoshop! It was pretty busy behind, so she helped me out. But the lighting is off, the stand is actually like a very light seaglass blue.

  6. Hey hun,
    LOVE the first tote! Glad you like the pic... I didn't know the lighting was off, I can fix it if you like. And if you have any other pics, im your photo shop gal!

  7. Thanks Alice :)
    It's the lighting in the gallery... not you! But thank-you!
    PS> The middle woman on Wheel of Fortune today is hilarious! Exploding energy & joy! Watch it if you can.


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