Jennifer from Conneticut; Knitting Tote

New Tote Pricing We've changed the way the pricing will work for totes. Base: $25US Name: $5US per letter {ex. Penny; 5 letters= 5x $5= $25US} Graphic: Heart/Star $20, Daisy/Cherries $25, Birds $30, Skull $35 (Other graphics are available) 2nd Patch: $15 base plus cost of name or graphic {If you've already placed your order, it will remain at the original price.} Email us if you'd like to place an order :) Tote Order Form 1. Title: 2. Do you have any examples of your style? Like a blog, etsy shop, photo...? 3. Color Combo that you love. 2-3 colors. 4. If you have any other ideas or specifications, feel free to let me know. 5. Mailing Address: 6. Paypal Email: Have a great night everyone :) Tyson's off to the post office to ship another tote! 51/49


  1. Cute tote Leigh-Ann, how's the posting going Tyson. Have you had to buy more packing tape yet?? Or has Customs called to see what ???kind??? of business you're running???
    What's 51/49???

    Love Momma

  2. Lol. 51/49 is our joke. It's shares in Freckled Nest.... which affects final decision rights. lol.
    We DID have to buy more packing tape! He took it a little easier on the tape application though. And we bought a tape gun! He feels all official now :)
    Love you Mom! (((hug)))

  3. Hey baby!
    love the writting on the "Jen's Knitting". Was wondering if you would be able to help me with my blog - i need to get my counter back (not that i have many hits :P) and i need to somehow get my links back.....we could do it over the phone if you need. I'll be at tiff's tonight doing my 1st Stampin' Up! party!!!! Hope it goes well.......btw - really proud of you and your business. Keep going girl - you'll soon have a tower beside trump called Keffer towers.... lol.

    lots of love and hugs

    p.s - hopefully i'll see ya tomorrow! :)


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