tremane's 1st birthday

oh sweet tremane. he'd just woke up from his birthday nap. Me and my gran. She is so beautiful! i love her so much. We had a lot of fun just taking pictures. can't post most of them though-might need them for the contest project(against rules). This is my paparattzi family (a few members are missing, mom/aunty kim/aunty patty/me-but its too funny). when he plays, he sticks his tounge out at the side. just like his great grandma. i'm guilty of it sometimes too. but i love it. Tremane (my cousins son) had his 1st birthday party. it was fun, but i can't believe a year has already passed since he was born! and he's grown so much-i can see why mom's feel like their kids just went off to kindergarden when their kids are graduating high school. holly is such a good mom, she just glows because of him. her and her husband doug made this sweet cake for tremane. it was big! and then tremane scooped up a handful-what a mess, but so adorable! Great party Holly, Doug, Aunty Sandy and Tony!


  1. Thankyou so much for coming to Tremanes first birthday. I hope you had fun. Love your web page, keep coming back to see whats new to it.

    Love Always Holly (Tremanes real mother HEHE)

  2. LOVE the cake!! I love making funky cakes... can't wait to design my wedding cake!!


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