'pajama dress'

i was at my grans today, and she had this 'pajama dress' in her closet. i think its cute-vintage, but apparently (says tyson), i look like i'm 60, lol. which i think is hilarious, so now i'm just wearing it to tease him. he is not impressed with my 'pajama dress' (aka moo-moo). it has a little pocket! lol.


  1. I love that dress!!! I would totally wear it! I'd probably wear it over jeans though, like a shirt.

  2. lol, alice, its a moomoo. but i just might give that a try. with a belt?

  3. I'm not sure... I can't see the length of it. I'd probably chop it to the length of a shirt or something. But sometimes I'm known to wear things a little bit "artistic". i would more often if I weren't so self consious!


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