On the hunt---

Today, i'm going shopping. I'm entering an album contest. Very excited. Lots of ideas swimming in my head, can't wait to get started! I even woke up early(ish) so i could get shopping!


  1. yay!!! have fun shopping! that is the best!!! :) have fun making your album too!!! :)

    hugs! Elsie

  2. woah.... this is kinda strange! I have the EXACT same dog as you... her name is Cleo and is a black lab too. She looks identical to your pup! And then there is of course the fact that you and I are super similar as well! Thanks for your e-mail... it made me very happy! I can't believe Elsie read your blog!! that's so exciting!
    Oh and also, the pics of you in the alley do look good! You are pretty!



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