just call me harry potter.

I was at the cabin this weekend and while carrying yardwork supplies & rushing to my destination, I walked in-to a deck. I don't even know how I didn't see it, maybe I thought I could walk under it, but when it hit me, I f-l-e-w backwards like I was struck by lightning! Laying on the ground surrounded in tossed yardwork gear, I started crying and yelling for help! Help! *cry* Heeelp! I felt frozen & broken and with the noise of power tools across the yard, no one could hear me.

Amanda was inside and thought she heard a baby crying (pretty much), came out and found me laying on the ground like a mangled LA:
Amanda: "Leigh-Ann!! Did you fall off the deck? Somehow??"
LA: "Nooo, I walked into it!"
Amanda: "Oh no, you're bleeding"
LA: "WHAAAAT??? Is it bad??" (I am terrified of stitches)

(Enter Matt, Keith and Kody) Matt starts praying for me, Keith turns white and kisses my forehead and Kody is kinda laughing at me "HOW'D YOU WALK INTO A DECK!?" ...oh brother.

At the same time, Mom comes home from the dump seeing all her kids surrounding Deck Girl still sprawled on the ground... she runs over panicing and helps me to my feet. She says I'll be okay but I'll have a bad bump and line. Then says, come see the retro metal lawn chair I got at the dump LA, it'll cheer you up!" and it totally did (I love a good find and that my mom was so excited over vintage)!

At supper time, my goose-egg had totally swelled with a bad 1ish" cut on my forehead, so my siblings appropriately took turns giving me nicknames! Kody called me "the Goiter", Amanda called me Harry Potter and these names stuck all weekend! lol.


  1. oh- I know that had to hurt! Feel better

  2. Oh no! What a bump! You're a such a good story teller though, because I really enjoyed that. hehe

    Feel better love!

    Talia Christine

  3. I feel bad for using your misfortune to have a good laugh, but that is too funny. :) I do hope you feel better though!

  4. Judy (Keith's Mom)10/12/2010 03:40:00 pm

    Are you okay Leigh-Ann? I hope the swelling has gone down by now.

  5. I'm okay now, it's still a bit swollen and has scabbed & only hurts if I touch it. Thanks Mom! xo

    (and it's okay to laugh, I know this is funny...afterwards ;)

  6. Ouch LA that must hurt like crazy! I hope you get better soon.

  7. oh my gosh! i'm glad you posted a photo b/c i was imagining a deck that was waist high...not skull high! that's a sweet looking injury though :)

  8. Ouch! I remember I fell and bumped my head too, everyone called me egg head. Def can relate! Hope it gets all healed up soon :)

  9. Oh wow. Ouch!! Hope the pain subsides soon.

  10. Do I see bird houses in the future or are you going to be careful???


  11. Ow ow ow!
    That's so something I would do, but I'm glad you're The Girl Who Lived - even though a deck isn't as dramatic as a Voldemort ;)

  12. Oh no! you poor thing! You glasses are super cute though! Good thing you have bangs now :)

  13. hahaha oh leigh-ann! the reason i find this hilarious is because i am glad i am not the only one that does these things! Klutz(es?) unite!

  14. Hey! I've been a reader for a while now, and I admit that one of the reasons why I love your blog so much is because you remind me so much of myself! I too have silly mishaps that end up being hysterical, but I love your honesty when it comes to sharing them on your blog!

  15. LA --- you silly thing. I'm glad you're OK and sorry you have a bump! xoxo.

  16. he he, harry potter, still makes me giggle

  17. I'm in a computer lab with about 40 other people, and you made me laugh out loud!
    I'm sorry you got hurt, but the way you told it was pretty lolsy. Hope it gets better quickly!

  18. The things some do to look like Harry Potter. You should have waited until closer to the movie premier. :D

  19. Hi LA
    Were they laughing as hard as the time you were sinking into seaweed on Vancouver Island?
    Uncle B was having pity on you while Aunty K was laughing to hard to stop.( except for long enough to take picture!!!) Maybe you should be posting that picture and story sometime!!
    You have to admit it is funny after the fact just as the seaweed bath was.
    Love Aunty K - aka
    Sleepless in Surrey
    PS 1 1/2 weeks until we head to Italy and Greece and my camera will be working OVERTIME!!!


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