Fuzzy Friday "Peanut" (with Bubble Download)


Dog: Peanut (mini dapple dachshund)
Mom: Cheryl
Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Peanuts best quality is her ability to snuggle, she's a great snuggler. She finds the perfect spot on your neck to rest her head during the night or I'll sometimes wake up and she'll be spooning me. 

Peanut is the smartest dog and is more like a cat than a dog, so I hear. She is quite independent and isn't interested in 'silly dog games'. If I throw a toy to try and get her to play with me, she'll look at the toy and then look at me with confusion in her eyes asking, "Do you really expect me to chase a toy?!?!" She is super sweet and is a total lap dog. She loves to go on walks. She burps after every meal and we love it. Peanut can sit, lay down, roll over, shake and high five.
New! With the permission of each Fuzzy Friday Feature, we will offer a Blank Bubble Photo for you to use on your blog (or however you like). Share your cute phrase photo for Peanut in the FN Flickr group too (OR, just type what you'd write in her thought bubble here in the comments... mine would be "i'm sooo tiny!").
To download Peanut's bubble photos, right click the image and select "save image as". Then print and add text manually or via photoshop.
Thanks so much for sharing Peanut with us Cheryl... she's adorable!!


  1. I've always had a soft spot for dachshunds but have yet to get one...my yorkie, Trevor, keeps me fully occupied these days. Trevor doesn't believe in playing with toys either, finally, I can tell my bf that Trev isn't so weird! Peanut is super duper adorable and I bet her and Trev would make great friends!

    My thought bubble is going to say "you know I'm cute".

  2. Oh man. Fuzzy Friday just became my new favorite thing. I love pups! And I LOVE that dachshund. Uh! So cute! How do we submit our own fuzzies to share? I have a Basset that will make everyone melt.

  3. Aaw, too cute!! :) Peanut looks like a sweetheart!

  4. Adorable doggie!!! (that was from my four year old!)

    I wish my tortoise were fuzzy so I could nominate him for a Fuzzy Friday post!

  5. He looks like Reese! What a cute little pupper-nutter sandwich!


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