DIY: Needlebook

Last year I taught this little needlebook project in an episode of LA-TV :) I thought it might be useful for our Home Ec students (hi guys!!) and anyone that missed it, so here's a written tutorial of the project :) These make cute little 'just because' gifts or stocking stuffers for your crafty friends when Christmas comes :)

Supplies Needed:
- a piece of vinyl or leather or oilcloth or laminated fabric measuring 5.5x3.5 inches (great way to use scraps!)
- 2 pieces of Felt measuring 4.25x3.25 inches 
- 1 Medium or Large Button with a shank/stem (not the holes kinda button)
- 20" Cord (think hemp or braided type cord)
- 1 Medium Bead 
- Embroidery Thread

Tools Needed:
Scissors, Medium Needle, Alligator Clip


1. Layer and center 2 felt pages on top of the vinyl and clip the 3 layers together on the right side.

2. Thread your needle with the colored cord (i didn't cut my cord, that way you don't waste any for Step 7).

3. Fold the 3 layers in half to find the center, then about a half inch from the top, poke the needle through from the back to the front.

4. Complete the stitch, bringing the needle back to the inside then tie the tails in a double or triple knot. Trim the short tail and continue stitching.

5. Stitch 3 straight stitches, ending a half inch from the end. From the inside, lace the cord under the last stitch, double knot it and trim the tail. Remove the alligator clip.

6. Using your embroidery thread, stitch the coordinating button onto the front of your Needle Book at the center of the right edge (1/2 inch in from edge). Stitch button till secure, then double knot and trim ends from the inside.

7. Once your button is attached, tie the remaining cord around the button and tie a few knots. Aim the knot along the button towards the center of the Needle Book so that the cord directs/wraps easily in Step 8.

8. Guide your cord under the middle stitch on the spine towards the back of the Needle Book. Then remove the needle.

9. Fold your Needle Book along the stitching and wrap your cord around the button 3 or so times (this is how you hold the Needle Book closed).

10. With the cord still wrapped around the book & button, tie a double knot 2 inches from the end of the cord (or wherever feels like a good place). Feed your bead onto the cord up to the knot then tie another double knot on the other side of the bead. Trim the cord tail so a short amount remains.

You're done! Add a few needles and straight pins to the pages of your Needle Book and you're ready to use it or give it as a fun little gift! :)

If you have any questions, I'll answer back within the comments :) Feel free to share pictures of your needlebook in the FN Flickr Group, I'd love to see what you make :) 

xo, Leigh-Ann

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  1. That is too cute~ I'm totally going to make some of these for my crafty friends!

  2. Very cute project LA....I like it.

  3. As a home ec student, this project is making me outlandishly happy right now. I'm on it! Wee! Thanks, LA!

  4. Oh this is so cute! I can't wait to make these for my friends!

    Talia Christine

  5. This is adorable!! My needlebook has seen better days; I might need to whip up a new one.

  6. Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually put my needles in here, just because it's so cute. Otherwise I leave my needles all over the husband doesn't really appreciate it.

  7. this is so cute!!!!
    keep them coming!

  8. Too cute! I just stumbled onto your site and I love all your craftiness.

  9. I just found you via 30days links. I think Gussy left your link. I love your style & your new blog designs (checked them out on Flickr!) Best of Luck on your move!

  10. That was a great little tutorial....thanks!!
    Cynthia Schelzig

  11. Thanks for posting this tutorial - I have a yellow one that you made! (won it on one of your LATV episodes) :) I use it all the time, thanks! Hope you're having a good summer!

  12. holy CRAP, your blog is awesome! i am so glad i found it!

  13. This is perfect! I've been using my mom's circa 1970...I need my own!


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