a Little Treasure...

 My sister and I have a rule in life... no dust jackets!! We throw them away faster than we can turn the first page! 
I had this tiny book in my porch (ie. suitcase of books I bought to make into journals and never did) and thought I would bring it in for decoration. I gasped when i took off the sleeve, it's a beautiful vintage book in perfect shape! Look at the treasures I found inside...
I love my dog so much! Lola is the perfect companion and keeps me company all day long! It took 6 (six!) years for her to settle out of her puppy hyperness and now she's so calm and perfect... we're a team forever :)
Come back tomorrow morning for our Home Ec Sewing Class Details, Peeks and Registration! This class is going to be amazing!! xo, LA


  1. Aw man that book is SO COOL!!! I love old books and written notes and treasures inside. My boyfriend (now husband) purchased and mailed an old book to me. It had the nicest cover and old notes inside to an old friend. Best present ever.

    Talia Christine

  2. How adorable! I also love your sweet little doggy!

    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. She's soooo cute... I love dogs too and I miss mine very much...Hug yours a lot! They deserve that!

  4. Aww what a fantastic find!!
    I would trade people, for puppy best friends any day haha. <3

    xo. Kyla

  5. I also throw away dust jackets immediately after acquiring books :)

  6. Ahh my dog is super hyper too, but I love her. I can only pray she is calmed down in 5 years, lol!

  7. oh, i love that sweet note you found inside the book.

    ...your pup is a major cutie :]

  8. My Lola! I can't wait to see that little pup again. I LOVE the pressed clover in the book.. lucky!

    Love you.

  9. um, holy crap that book is awesome! i love finding old books with cute things written inside... but, a four leaf clover?! JACKPOT :)

    p.s. your doggy is adorable

  10. Are you coming back to Manitobaaaaa, Violet???
    Hope so!

    Love Momma

  11. the lola <3 lala picture just melts me.

    it really captures the love.

    i feel it! so special.


  12. That book is a little treasure. Mine is still in that phase, can't wait for the day he calms down. Lola looks like a sweet dog and a good companion.

  13. My dog's name is Lola, too!! But she's about 1/8 of the size of yours (chihuahua). Lol! xo

  14. What an amazing find!
    Lola looks lovely too :)

  15. Haha! I'm the same way with dustjackets. I can't stand them!

    That book is amazing!

  16. yayyy LA!! this is great! the book cover is divine!



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