fort day at Lala's

My twin nieces call me lala or aunty lala... and i lalalove it :)
I'm taking care of Olivia and Kennedy for the afternoon and we made this sick fort together... one of my favorite games when I was little (that and playing store).
What was your favorite imagination game as a child?
ps. Home Ec class details below.


  1. awe! this is so cute! and how adorable are those little girls? so cute!


  2. ooooh forts! I still love forts :] When my boyfriend and I live together we want to make over our bed and have a weekend "camping". We plan to make smores (in the microwave!), make sure we can see the tv and play video games, and cuddle. :] I love forts.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. You must remember this was the era of Annie- but my favorite game to play with the neighborhood girls was orphanage. I'm not kidding.

  4. so fun! i used to like to pretend my friend and i got lost (possibly at sea) and had to start our lives over (when we eventually found dry land). we had to build a house and find things we needed to live. we usually found a nice lady (my friend's mom) who gave us food, haha.
    being a kid was the best.

  5. oh my. that looks like soooo much fun. :D

  6. haha, i loved playing store. i also love playing teacher which is funny because i'm going back to school to get my teaching credentials!

  7. I loved playing library, making clubs and movies, making forts (boys not allowed- we always had a sign) and of course anything involving dolls!

  8. How adorable. I don't remember making too many forts as a child.
    I do remember lining up stuffed animals & a few dolls(I wasn't a doll girl, really) to play school. My younger sis & I had an easel with a chalkboard on one side & we'd take turns pretending to be teachers & students. We pretended this most often when a friend was sleeping overnight.

  9. hmm...I think fort building was always the best imagination activity ...we'd use the dining room chairs, kitchen chairs and lawn chairs. Making me smile!


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