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[ETA: Winners announced here. Join us again next month for another big giveaway.] Every month, Freckled Nest promotes a great collection of shops, blogs and artists in the right sidebar. This month, I've invited my sponsors to share about one of their favorite recent craft projects. Each sponsor has also contributed something special & cool to our big giveaway!! Yeee! To enter the big giveaway, leave an encouraging comment on each sponsors blog (links below), then write your name and email address in the comments of this post and we will draw one person who wins everything! BONUS GIVEAWAY: I've added a new regular giveaway from Freckled Nest to the monthly feature post :) A separate winner will be drawn from the Followers section every month and win a Small Ad spot on Freckled Nest for the month ahead :] Note: regifting allowed if you don't have a blog or shop. See left sidebar to follow. * Blog & Etsy This is a mini album that I made about my trip to Bali, Indonesia. This was a trip of a lifetime, the kind of trip that kinda changes the way you see the world and people. Anyway, I wanted to work with colorful elements, texture and make some kind of treasure box... I love photography and it was pretty difficult to choose from around 900 photos the ones that I would use for my album! So I simply picked a few of my favorites and used them in my album. I played with Distress Inks, embossing, stamping, painting, paper, wood, plastic. I love to mix things together in a mini album. Giveaway: Remember... TRAVEL mini album kit giveaway * Blog & Studio Hello! I'm Elle from Elle's Studio and I'm super excited because we just launched all our brand new designs for Valentine's Day! The line is appropriately named XOXO and is full of pink, red and turquoise! One of my favorite color combos :) You can also check out our blog for some fun and crafty ideas. We have some fun things in store for our blog for this fun holiday! Can't wait!! Giveaway: Winner gets to pick any 3 items from our store! * Blog Hi! It's Hannah from B's Wig Shoppe! Over the holidays I found myself doing a lot of sewing and embroidery for various gifts and decorations but anytime I needed a break, I worked on knitting a scarf for Husband. I *love* the way working with yarn feels; I had no idea is was so therapeutic! Well, over the past few days I've become quite obsessed with the idea of learning to crochet... it's portable, there are a lot of different designs you can make with all those stitches, and I'm less likely to impale myself doing it on a bumpy road in the car :) Anyway, one of our friends came in over Christmas who will be leaving for Afghanistan soon, and I've promised to make him something before he does. The plan is learn to crochet this week and then eventually work up to making him a blanket to meet him when he gets there as a little reminder of home. Today, however, I'm practicing by making these little flower pins (SC CH3, 5 times in a loop; SC CH3 9 times in a loop; connect 2 parts with a bead and yarn!) Giveaway: Tea-to-Go Pouch * Blog & Shop Lately, I had a blast making some limited edition Letterpress/Linocut prints with the cutest scallywag pirate girl you've ever seen on them! The print set is called "Pirate Betty", and the prints were all entirely handmade and hand printed using vintage presses in a very small print run. First, I carved the illustrations out of lino, and combined layers of linocut prints with Letterpress words to form a unique design. I also hand-dyed the edges of some of the prints to resemble old maps - it was definitely a super-fun project, all around! (view finished prints here) Giveaway: I'm still scrapbooking my Christmas photos, and I hope you are, too! These cute, colorful "Cheery Ornament" illustrated, hand-cut stickers will help you out in that department! :) * Blog, Tiny Bazaar and Kitschy Digitals I most recently designed a Valentine's card and envelope free printable download for my blog readers. I wanted to create a little something to say "thank-you" for being so supportive! I knew I wanted to create something Kawaii-inspired, very japanese, so I knew I needed some cute animals to illustrate! So I started out searching through Flickr to find reference photos of actual pandas and foxes (who doesn't love a cute panda or fox? I recently saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox, so I've had foxes on the brain.) So after perusing many a Zoo photo, and several hours of creating in Illustrator and Photoshop, I came up with this. Giveaway: Four Kitschy Digitals {Goods} Cut-Out Sheets, my Washi Tape Frames digital kit, my Woodgrain Frames digital kit (instructions for digital frames here) *
flock together copy Blog & Shop I love nothing more than re-inventing fairy tales and nursery rhymes. My latest project was the rhyme, "There once was a man with a beard, who said, "It is just as I feared. Two owls and a hen, four larks and a wren, have all built their nests in my beard." I elaborated on the rhyme to give the man a wife and to show how their relationship progressed over time until in their old age, they shared the birds. The finished portraits were entitled, "Birds of a Feather" and "Flock Together".
Giveaway: "Birds of a Feather" and "Flock Together", 5x7 prints.
* Blog & Shop I am Jane Heinrichs, a writer and illustrator. I divide my time between London (UK) and Winnipeg (Canada). I love children’s books, especially vintage ones. I recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book called “Magic at the Museum”. It is about a young girl named Anne who visits an art gallery on her birthday. Anne falls asleep, the paintings come alive, and they have a magical birthday party. I was inspired to create this book after studying in a beautiful art college in London. At the time I fell ill with mono, and I needed something to keep my spirits up. The whole message of this book is love and courage: I hope all my readers get courage from “Magic at the Museum.” I created my own publishing company to self-publish this book. Within one year of publication “Magic at the Museum” was short-listed for a major Canadian illustration award and spent two weeks on the bestseller list in Winnipeg. This is a testament to the power of confidence and the chutzpah of an indie-business! Giveaway: Two handmade greeting cards designed and published by Jane * pinkscowl Blog My name is Gillian King (aka Gillian Giggs) from Winnipeg, Manitoba and I'm sharing a 'How-to-Scowl' pattern! Along with my passion for painting I am always itching to learn to make new things. This past summer I attended one of Studio Lune's knitting tutorials and was taught to knit and purl by none other than Ms. Dizzy Dame! Since then I have started my own Stitch and Bitch, where once a week I meet up with fellow peg city knitters and over wine and snorting laughter we share patterns and teach eachother new techniques. One of my first projects was something I called a 'scowl', which is a mix between a scarf and a cowl. It can be free-styled quite easily, meaning you can switch up the type of wool you use or the number of rows you wish to knit. I would highly recommend this project for brand new knitters! It is a very easy and fast way to master your knit stitch and come away with something you'll be proud to say you made!
How-To-Scowl: Tutorial from Gillian Giggs
1 skein of fairly bulky wool (I would recommend wool that says it requires needles sized 6-9mm)
1 set of corresponding needles (ex. if the label on your wool says it requires 8mm use 8mm needles)
3 big buttons
*To learn a basic knit stitch and how to cast on and off visit http://www.knittinghelp.com for free how to videos
Step 1: Cast on 20 stitches
Step 2: Simply knit the next 62 rows
Step 3: Cast off, tying a knot at the end so it doesn't unravel
Step 4: You will now have enough scowl to wrap around your neck once - place onto flat surface and connect the two ends with one side overlapping by 1-2 inches - decide where you will like your buttons to sit on the scowl
Step 5: *With your excess wool cut off a 5" strand and loop it through your button holes so the two ends are hanging below the button - place on overlapped scowl and pull strands through holes in scowl until you have both strands through the two layers - tie into secure knot and cut off the excess
[Repeat from * for remaining buttons]
You will now have a scowl that will slip over your head like a neckwarmer and will be warm and funky for cold days (which are 2/3 of the year in Winnipeg)!
Giveaway: a pair of 'puff' earrings made of wool. * Blog & Shop
I am so inspired by the color yellow lately. I don't know if it is because of the gray skies and slushy streets...or maybe the urge to go someplace tropical. So to bring a little bit of sunshine into my world, I took a vintage pillowcase with the prettiest yellow flower pattern and chopped it up! I made all sorts of fun embellishments for my scrapbook pages and even turned the beautifully detailed trim of the pillowcase into a BIG hair accessory. I accordion folded & stitched the trim, and then paired it with some dreamy white tulle, a couple of big pearl beads, and one of my great-aunt's vintage yellow rhinestone clip-on earrings to make an oversized pretty for my oversized hair! Super easy and fun!
Giveaway: Little Miss Sunshine crafty kit... * Blog & Studio & Etsy
One of my new year's resolutions for 2010 was to give back through doing what I love. Lune Vintage's Project Recon was born - and it really has me excited about using my skills to make positive change. The first Project Recon dress was born from a lemon yellow thrift store peasant dress. Read about the entire transformation here.
Next month a new artist will offer her skills with another awesome Lune Vintage Project Recon, donating proceeds to a charity of her choosing. Check out Issue 1 at ilovelune.etsy.com. 100% of proceeds of this recon go to the Canadian Womans Foundation.ca Giveaway: Blue Afternoon Vintage Scarf Cuff by Love Lune * Interested in becoming a sponsor in February? Info here. Note: February's XL spot is sold but future months can be booked ahead :] Good luck and enjoy visiting these new blogs and inspiring women! Love Leigh-Ann


  1. Seems like I'm the first one, yay XD I left a comment on every sponsor's blog (although on some blogs I may have a bit different nick because there are different forms for filling those comment so I hope it's ok :)).

    I'm wondering if I will win because I'm the kind of person who never wins anything :D Well..once I won the Kill Bill soundtrack..but it was really the only thing :D

    Here's my mail (didn't forget to write it this time :P): m.a.gg.i.e@seznam.cz

    Thanks for the chance, LA!!!

  2. so many talented people!! thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. Tra la la.. what a lovely morning I've had traipsing about blog land courtesy of you :) Gillians wouldn't stop oepning.. i finally had to shut my computer off when i got to 49 windows explorer screen.. it may not have taken my comment but Im afraid to open it again!

    Brianne sheppard

  4. This was so much fun to read,great designers!

    TFS Fauve


  5. I made all the rounds also! Much like Meg, I might have different comment logins-LRW, Leslie or Leslie Westermeier. Sorry, not sure how to use only one! Also, become a follower--even though you're already in my reader!

  6. Wow! You've chosen some great talent! Thanks for sharing!

    Kari Herron

  7. i love that you do giveaways like this. it is a great way to find new blogs & shops!
    anna d

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  9. Thanks for these trips into inspiration town!
    I just could not get enough of them.
    Count me in!!


  10. My comments will either be under the name Kayleigh or Wuvvlepop and i didn't write in every comment that i came from Freckled Nest cos i didn't know if u had to :/ hope that's ok

    Kayleigh P

  11. Kayleigh: You don't have to say you're coming from FN, that's okay :)

    Glad everyone's enjoying the 'trip through inspiration town' (i like that saying, cute Cindy :)

  12. Very fun contest! Went through and commented on everyone.

    xoxo a.n

  13. This is the first time I can enter because I'm not a sponsor this month! Very bitter sweet! Ok, here we go!

    Elle's Studio: I love the pink Valentine cut outs! They would make cute borders for labels.

    The Green Frog's Studio: I love the Travel scrapbook so it's fitting it's her giveaway!

    Bubbly Schnooks: Mr. Moustache Hand Embroidered Wall Decor. No explanation needed :)

    Tiny Bazaar: (one of my favorite online shops and blogs!) I love the Kawaii Patterns

    Studio MME's: I love the Fear's Uncloaking 2 print. It's dark and beautiful all at once.

    Jane Heinrich's: The Lipstick print is so simple but it would great in a bathroom.

    Rachie's Place: The Vintage Satin Purse. Feminine and the neutral color tones it down.

    I Love Lune: The Fresh Start Full Vintage Slip.

    Here are my comments:









    Crossing fingers and toes!

  14. oh! my email! diana@ourcitylights.org :)

  15. i love having a new slew of blogs to check out! in love with so many new pretty things :)
    my comments are either my name (crissy) or this number "6p0128768d52e6970c" which is apparently my typepad link on blogspot comments!

    <3 crissy

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  17. Wow! This is a big giveaway, indeed! I've learned about new creative people & will be following their blogs/work from now on. Thanks for making us work for this one - I've really enjoyed this process!

    buttercup caren

  18. Just like Diana it's so weird being on this end of the table as I'm not a sponsor this month either. I'm going through withdrawal I'm coming back haha.

    Everyone's blogs and shops are lovely. I have lots to keep me inspired and busy for the week so I thank everyone for that! Plus I think I need to get get some Cautious Woodsman Tags as a treat!

    Thanks as Always for hosting LA.

    Kyla - OneLateNight

  19. I want to enter in the big giveaway contest. I will post comments every day for a month, just let me win :-)
    Just kidding...I love your blog and the giveaway is the perfect excuse to say it to you.

  20. Wow! What a great blog. I was introduced by Studio M.M.E Blog and that I am glad for! Such a great variety of items makes this interesting reading.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. well, that was fun! I love these big giveaways every month and the blogs taht we pop over to see!
    I just commented on all of them under "Sarah M"...ya know, the usual :P
    have a great week!
    Sarah M

  22. You have such lovely sponsors (& such nice visitors!!) LA! :) Lovely stuff, lovely stuff.

  23. I had such a blast reading all the different blogs today - what a great giveaway plan! Thanks!

  24. What an amazing giveaway, thanks for the chance to win! I loved reading all of those blogs, I already followed a couple and now I am following a couple more thanks for introducing them!


  25. Oh my goodness, such talent here. I love giveaways like this because it showcases artists I might have never seen. Thank you so much.


  26. Hi LA!! I can't believe all the great things your sponsors are giving away! It's probably the best sponsor giveaway yet! I visited all of them and added a few new blogs to my daily must read list and a few etsy shops to my fav list. Thank you for the chance to win! You rock!!!

  27. I had such a good time going through these lovely blogs! It really has cheered me up this morning. My comments are either under Diane or Dearlydee.

    Thanks for the inspo!

  28. Done. Done. and Done! I started this morning before work, left the window open on the computer, and finished after I came home! Great sponsors this month. I hope I win!

  29. what lovely blogs & what lovely giveaways! i left comments on ALL! :)
    -sarah r.

  30. what great sponsers LA! I've bookmarked some of them. thanks for the giveaway.


  31. Whao! This has to be your most amazing give-away to date! Plus a chance to win an ad spot, eeeeeeee!


  32. oooo... would LOVE to win any of these lovely goodies!

  33. So much inspiration! Some of these blogs are favourites of mine and I found some new ones. Thanks.

  34. Oh, you have such wonderful sponsors! Thanks for that injection of inspiration. :D


  35. This is amazing! I love the idea :)


  36. Wow, that was seriously a lot of work! I found lots of cool new blogs to follow =)

    Amy Cluck

  37. Hi LA! Thanks for doing this - I am so happy to have discovered all of these great blogs. I left a comment on each and am crossing my fingers.
    P.S. did I mention how much I dig your blog? thanks again!

  38. Hi, I visited everybody, and love everything! hope I can win !

  39. OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! i'm so excited!
    i have just commented and subscribed to everyone's blogs - whew!
    what an amazing giveaway! will be keeping my fingers crossed :)

  40. Thank you for introducing me to a bunch of lovely new blogs!!!

    ...fingers crossed :)


  41. I had soooo much fun perusing all of the blogs and shops! :) I have both fingers and my toes crossed for winning luck! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

    Katie B.

  42. Wow! There is a lot of interesting blogs for me to read now! Thanks!

    I commented on all the blogs!


  43. Wow, those were all super great blogs. Thank you for the motivation to check out these 'new to me' banks of beauty and inspiration!

    By the way, I super love your blog and blog layout :)
    Emily Blanche

  44. I loved that little blog trip....it would be AMAZING to win but if not at least I got to see some really cool stuff!!!


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  46. lots of inspiration from those blogs! Thank you so much! And ofcourse i hope to win those super great give away!
    *forgot my email adress*

  47. Thank you so much for introducing all those great blogs. Even if don't win the qiveaway, the trip was totally worth it!!


  48. Love the blog trip fun fun ..

    Happy Picking .. but pick me LOL.

  49. Great concept doing a giveaway with group of talented designers and bloggers... thank you for sharing!


  50. wow! I love your sponsors! So many great things here!

  51. thank you for sharing the beautiful blogs! (that killed a few hours...lol)
    here's hoping i win ;) ;)

  52. oops!
    melaniegodecki at gmail.com

  53. Wow! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome blogs. I loved reading them! I posted on all of them. Some had my name and some had Pink Checker Design.


  54. Fun fun fun! Can't wait to go check out more fabulous blogs - I'm quickly becoming a blogaholic.

    Tara Michelucci

  55. Sweeet! Added a couple new ones to my reading list and left some lovely comments too! Love it.


  56. tTere are some great blogs out there! I'm saving all the shops for when I have more time (i've got to jump on the make-dinner bandwagon right now!)

    later skater alligator

  57. How exciting! I left comments on every blog and am super excited at the opportunity to win!

    xo, katie

  58. Just stopped by all the blogs & commented. Had a ton of fun stopping by new blogs. I was only familiar w/ 1 or 2 of them, so I have a bunch of new blogs to subscribe to!

  59. Oh dear... I commented on all the sponsors blogs a couple nights ago and I forgot to come back here and let you know. How tragic if I had missed the opportunity to maybe/possibly/oh i do so hope i win this amazing giveaway. : )

    Ahem.... my name is Amanda and my email address is onejoyfulpilgrim@yahoo.com.

    K thanks. :D

  60. I wasn't aware of all the talented people out there (and in Winnipeg). Lots of inspiration:)


  61. Just finished commenting them all! Thank you for this chance otherwise i would never have found all those wonderful blogs!!

    My name is Jessica, and my email is:
    thatsmissjessica (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. Hi! I just finished commenting on all these lovely blogs. I am feeling very inspired now! Must go craft!

  63. Giveaways, lovelies, creative ideas oh my!

    :) All very talented people, and amazing items being given away!

    Thank YOU sweet Leigh-Ann and Sponsors!



  64. I admire and follow the blogs of many of these great people!

  65. What a great giveaway...found some really neat new blogs to add to my google reader! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Jennifer F

  66. I never enter giveaways bc i never win and it makes me sad. this is a great giveaway

  67. Yay! I loved visiting all these new sites!! I am adding a whole bunch of new "favorites" to my list! You have so many wonderful, talented sponsors!

  68. Oops! I forgot to include my e-mail address in the above comment! vicki@soveryvicki.com THANKS!

  69. it was awesome going round every talented
    artist's blog (: new inspirational finds as
    well ^^

    hello, my name is nadine
    and my e-mail address is nadinadine @ gmail . com

  70. i love all your fabulous sponsors. they are so creative and inspiring.
    hope you have a great weekend!

  71. I really commented on everyone's blog, except in three cases it would accept and post my comment! :( I think this is a great way to promote your sponsors and to expose us to more fabulous creatives! thanks anyway. Kate (katerees711@gmail.com)

  72. What a great way to introduce new blogs to your readers. I loved every one of them! And left comments on all the blogs, of course :)

  73. I was absolutely excited to find that I follow almost all of these blogs already because they are so awesome! I was super excited to see this giveaway that includes items from many of my favorites! Perfect! thank you so much. You are awesome. (by the way, you are on that favorite blogs list! heehee)I left at leasst one comment on each blog. your sponsers are really fab!
    So, my name is Renay and my email is ZoiHoku143@Yahoo.com

  74. oh wow! thanks for sharing all these wonderful blogs... i love finding new inspiration and looking at others beautiful words and pictures!

    my name is Sandy and my email is sandyalamode@gmail.com.

  75. BTW, I left an inspirational comment on each one of the sponsor's blogs. I was happily surprised to find some Kansas City bloggers as well, as that is where I am from!! Thanks again for this opportunity!!


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