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I love making and receiving handmade gifts... they're extra special and so exciting!! So this month, I've asked my Sponsors to share about their favorite handmade Christmas gift they've received or given and each Sponsor has also generously contributed to a big giveaway here on Freckled Nest! To enter the big giveaway, leave an encouraging comment on each sponsors blog, then write your name and email address in the comments of this post and we will draw one person who wins everything! ps. We'll confirm that the winner has left a comment on every blog below ;) NOTE: Giveaway closed, Nicole Renee was the Big Winner! :)
Jari's Shop & Blog "The best handmade Christmas gift I've ever received was this cuuutie bag that my grandma made me for my knitting supplies... last year! I had told her that I'd been wanting to learn to knit - and she remembered and made this bag to hold my yarn by my chair. I JUST figured out how to knit in the past few weeks, and it really meant a lot to have this bag next to me = she believed in me! yays!"
Giveaway... 6 Braid Eggplant Jersey Knit Scarf
Amy's Shop & Blog "Every year I give my family a little cardboard glittered house that I've modeled after those sold in the dime stores after the war. My grandmother, Nelly Marlene, used to decorate under the tree with these houses so it is a nice reminder of Christmases past. My parents and aunts and uncles now have little villages that make them think of childhood!" Giveaway... Handmade Stocking, 6pack of vintage Christmas Party Invitations and a 1967 Cookies & Candies Cookbook Rachel's Shop & Blog "My favorite handmade gift was not a Christmas gift but it was handmade none-the-less, by my mother when she was pregnant with me. It hung in my room growing up...I don't ever remember a time when it wasn't hanging on my wall. Just this past year she passed on this beauty so I could hang it in my own home. I had this gorgeous piece of arts professionally framed so it would be preserved forever."
Giveaway... "This Little Pig" made from thrifted gloves and vintage notions Kyla's Shop & Blog "This wreath was a handmade Christmas gift for my mom. At this point of time in the year we were having a lot of trouble with our dog jersey and this was a nice distraction from it all. This year as we put it up it was a nice reminder of how much better everything seems and how we get to see her a little bit longer :) Plus it's one of the cutest Christmas decorations ever!! If you have the time to set aside and create one for yourself it's absolutely worth it!" Giveaway... "Love Each Day" Post Card 10 Pack! giveaway Jill's Shop & Blog & Website "Every year I gift my mom with vintage things I know she'll love. Last year I gave her 2 cameras from my collection to add to hers. Another year she received a robins egg blue desk fan that I saved for 5 months to gift to her. She's also received a pink rotary phone, a pillow I made of of a cute embroidered tea towel, a seaside oil painting, and a collection of milk glass vases. I know she'll really appreciate it, so I make the wrapping something special. Her favorite wrap is thrifted vintage wallpaper. At studiolune.com, if you let us know your purchase is a holiday gift, we'll wrap your purchase in vintage wallpaper too! When you give a thoughtful vintage or handmade gift, you make a special connection with the people you love where in they know you were truly thinking of them." Giveaway... $10 Holiday Gift Certificate for Studio Lune Michelle's Shop & Blog "My favorite handmade Christmas gift was a purple-and-white handmade quilt that my mom made for me when I was 8 or so - it was very appropriate for my new-room-having young self, and it was loving cut, sewn, quilted, and even hand-tied/finished! I carried it around with me for years and years - in fact, it still sits in my linen closet, loved but literally falling apart at the seams because I wore it out so much over the years!" Giveaway... "The Anxious Woodsman" a set of 8 Illustrated Paper Tags from Bubbly Shnooks
red star studio Marcy's Shop & Blog "My favorite handmade Christmas gift was a gratitude journal I made my sister last year. Everyone needs a little reminder now and then about what makes them special!"
Giveaway... Mini Composition Book and Paper Flowers
ourcitylights Diana's Shop & Blog "About 10 years ago, my friend got me a matted 8x10 from a project in her photography class. She not only took the photo herself, but developed the photo as well. That photo has been looked at everyday, and it reminds me of how photography can really change a person’s home." Giveaway... Set of 10 Library Themed Christmas Cards Megan's Blog
"So in this story take Graduation and insert Christmas to make it holiday spirited :) I am the artist/crafter in the family, and when my graduation was near, I was wondering about the traditional graduation scrapbook for the senior. I usually take care of making the scrapbooks, but it was kinda weird to scrapbook about myself [I'm getting better at it now]. It was to my great surprise and delight when my mom presented my graduation scrapbook, made by her. It was so special that she tried her hardest to make it [she is not as crafty as her daughter :) ] and it filled my heart with love. I look at that scrapbook almost weekly and I can still feel her love in every page. Handmade gifts given to me, as a crafter, are the greatest gifts I could ever get. I can see and feel the love put into it and that is what makes it so special.
Giveaway... Crocheted Scarf with Vintage Buttons & Mini Safety Pins Haley's Shop & Blog "Well, the most *important* handmade Christmas gift I've ever given has to be the set of hand-drawn greeting cards and stationery that I gave my now Mother-in-Law.. I had so much fun designing them that I decided to start up a stationery business! The birth of Bread of Many!" Giveaway... 3 "Scott's Narwhal" Greeting Cards Hannah's Shop & Blog "I *love* handmade Christmas gifts, both giving and receiving them! Last year, I got the bestest gift ever... My mom had been out of town for month's taking care of my grandmother (who I was *very* close to). While she was gone, she hand-stitched her very first quilt out of special old clothes of mine, my dad's and her's (even some old maternity clothes!). Then, when she couldn't come home for Christmas, she sent it with my dad for me to open on Christmas morning. Making things by hand means that you can make them extra special!" Giveaway... Ozzy the Owl & 2 mini doodle books pardonmyffrench Jaelynn's Shop & Blog "Handmade presents always seem to hold a special place in my heart. Its so much more personal! Every year during the holiday season, I make it a point to crochet as many beanies, scarves, etc to give to the people around me. There is always a need for them, so why not make it something special- right?! One of my favorite handmade gifts I have received was an amazing necklace my mom made for me. She knew how much I love Beethoven (A LOT) and surprised me with this awesome piece! I love it so much and it is one of my most prized necklaces!
Giveaway... I spend countless hours every week reading the many blogs I follow, and I know I'm not the only one! So, to share the love i'm giving away an AWESOME vintage mug with a great floral design on it and a variety pack of TAZO brand tea! So now, you too can enjoy a great cup of tea as you read all of your favorite blogs!
Decembers a great month for online advertising, it's the top shopping month of the year! If you'd like to be a sponsor in December, please email FreckledNest@gmail.com to reserve your spot :)
Good luck everyone and a huge thank you to my sponsors, supporters and readers!! xoxo! Love Leigh-Ann :) ps. Style School Update: We'll start selling the class on Monday with sneak peeks starting tomorrow! Thanks for such a great response about the online class, we're so excited!!


  1. WoW! This giveaway is amazingly HUGE! I'm gonna join in the fun! i'll read your sponsors' blogs and comment when i get home. Thanks for the opportunity LA! ^_^


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  3. Well it is 7:30 in the morning and i am done leaving comments on only half of the girls blogs because I have to get to a vollyeball tournament today at school...yeahh...I hate volleyball:) A girl in grade 9 gym ruined it for me when my friend and I were goofing off b/c we are sooo NOT athletic and this girl freaked out on us for being dorks!!!Since that day 15 years ago I HATE volleyball. Ok shhhhh don't tell anyone at my job!!!
    I promise to finish commenting tonight and I am serious about buying space next month!!!! SAve me an Ad spot!!!
    p.s. Can you please have an online party again soon!!!

  4. Yay! Just finished up leaving comments on all the blogs. :)


  5. I just finished leaving comments on all of the blogs. This is really a great idea for a giveaway. Every month I find so many new blogs to read! (As if I needed more distractions at work! :))


  6. LA-you host some of the best-est giveaways! So many unique items-love that!

  7. Very nice! I found lots of great stuff to look at (and listen to!) on the blogs.

    Lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

  8. How in the world do you have so many great people in one post! Leaving all of the comments was fun!

  9. awesome! i love these giveaways :) they give me a chance to discover new blogs & etsy shops. AND leaving comments on them makes my morning go super duper quick.
    thanks :)
    anna donelleohio@gmail.com

  10. What amazing giveaways, and such talented sponsors!! I'm very inspired!! Have a great weekend, LA!


  11. this is quite the giveaway, so count me in. and all of their blogs are quite charming. thanks for the exposure and giveaway!


  12. those blogs are amazing and this giveaway is too.

    i'm sarah, my email is sarah.daschke@gmx.de
    and i think i commeted on most of the blogs as i am sarah, what ever email adress i entered when i signed in there, i can't remember^^

  13. ok, leaving all those comments took me like, an hour, lol but Totally worth it! I l ove visiting new blogs and love alltheir prizes! eee!
    Sarah M

  14. Oh my gosh, I just started blogging because my hubby is a computer man and now he keeps asking me to get off! Ha! Roles have reversed. Thanks for the great idea giveaway. Not only do the prizes rock, but I loved the blogs and love that you are from Winnipeg! Hooray for Red River Cereal!

  15. Jaclyn Bishop

  16. Had so much fun checking out the blogs and site!!! So much visual candy to see, thanks for sharing!! xo


  17. i love EVERYTHING!! :) yay!

  18. Fantabulous giveaway! Fingers crossed. Oh and they were all inspiring they have been added to my list of repeat visits. :)


  19. Thanks for sharing your sponsors Leigh Ann! They're all gorgeous! ^_^ hope to win your giveaway! ^_^

  20. Wow these are such cute giveaway! i love it all and would be so happy to receive them! :)


  21. This is such an awesome giveaway, I just finnished leaving all my comments and i am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Amy Lynn


  22. Ok I just left comments on all of the blogs!! between commenting and my volley-ball tournament that I am photographing this weekend I have no more time:) Oh one thing......some of my commments landed under SWOON, SOME on My CHERISH LIFE BLOG and then one was actually JKORPAN......ahhhh but I swear they are all just me!!!!

  23. Hello! I loved visiting everyone's blogs and shops and commenting! I hardly ever comment on blogs but I don't know why. I will definetly start doing it more. And what a great giveaway. Such cool stuff.
    And I just want to say that I love your blog Leigh-Ann. It is one of my absolute favorites. I think that you are super funny and inspiring!

  24. yay i'm done leaving comments :)
    this giveaway is awesome!

    Jessica Lozano

  25. what an incredible giveaway! I hope I haven't missed any of the blogs :)


  26. What a fun giveaway! I just finished up leaving love on everyone's blogs...so much eye candy :)
    anna letterastudio@gmail.com

  27. This giveaway is AMAZING! You have such great crafty ladies participating in it! So excited to find out who the winner is!




  28. i love you leigh ann and all the fun you bring to ur blog! GREAT sponsors this month!

    Chloe Zirwas

  29. This giveaway is amazing!! So many amazing blogs and shops. I just commented on them all :)


  30. Wow...Thank you again for this amazing give away and for introducing me to some fabulously talented gals! It made my MOnday a LOT better.

    Also.. I am so excited for your style school with Elsie!!! The projects sound so much fun!!

  31. I am so happy I found this giveaway! It'd be great to win...but I also found so many things I need to buy asap! :)

    I commented all the blogs!

  32. ohmyword this is like the giveaway to end all giveaways! :]
    I see some familiar faces up there, but I also see some new friends and I can't wait to go read their blogs.
    thanks for another fab giveaway, LA!


  33. It was so much fun seeing everyone's blogs and shops! Found some really talented designers, Thanks Leigh-Ann!

  34. Well I am glad I finally went thru the list and went thru the blogs. They are all filled with such great inspiration.

    I commented under two names only because I realized after commenting two I had to sign in to comment on others...Long story short
    my email: alicia dot diemer at gmail dot com
    my name: mish/footinmouth180

  35. oh I really love this giveaway :) I can see all great and lovely blogs...

  36. christine kennedy11/24/2009 11:25:00 am

    all of this stuff is so awesome!

    Christine / yelloworanges@comcast.net

  37. Yay! I love new artists that show up as sponsors. Blogs that are creative and fun!


  38. Awesome giveaway here, LA! I know I'm a little last minute but I managed to see everyone and their wonderful blogs and shops! They are all so talented and lovely! :)

    ~Melissa Kaye

  39. Thanks for the reminder LA! LOL I had this tagged in my google reader with my "DO THIS" tag, but saw your reminder today and got on it. Thanks for sharing all of those awesome people/shops/blogs with us, I love new reading and shopping places. :D
    Courtney N.

  40. i love your blog!
    i am sooooo excited about style school!!!

  41. what a great collection of bloggers! a pleasure to comment on each and every one. also, a pleasure to read your blog! ;)

  42. that's so awesome! i hope i win! :)


  43. Oh fun! I just joined your blog (I'm a big fan of RVA already) and love it! I'm excited to read all of these new blogs!!!

    Ashley Gotschall

  44. This giveaway is TOO amazing, I just had to give it a shot. I really REALLY hope I win. I decided to make everything much easier for you and give you links to all the comments. Also, I started following most of the blogs, so yeah, PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME! I would be forever grateful. <333













    Phew, finally done. This sure took forever. Well, good luck to me.
    Your blog is lovely as well.

    Brigitte Pernia

  45. nice giveaway but i think i wont participate cause i dont want to take a chance of who probably wants more than me. i really like the stuff here, but now i just interested oon th cameras. good look for everybody.
    this is a great think what u and your sponsors are doing.
    sorry my English, i really try

  46. What a huge and fantastic giveaway!! I love that you featured one of my favorite photographers, Diana of Our.city.lights... keeping fingers crossed!


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