change in schedule

I spent the day cleaning (8-5!!)... and forgot to do the tutorial (cause i just love cleaning so much). I will make the 'How to Stitch Tute' tomorrow. * Hunky and I rented 21... I've been wanting to see this since my Grandma recommended it. * A few blogs I'm diggin lately: Design for Mankind Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog Creature Comforts & I'm especially in LOVE with watching what Rachel's found over at Pony Party! Oh. One last thing. I'm stalking this girl. Join me. She's something real special. I promise. * Goodnight.


  1. Awesome links! I'm looking forward to the stitch tutorial.

  2. we just watched 21 saturday night... i really enjoyed it:)

  3. dude, we just watched 21 get out of my brain, mkay? hahaha.

    ps. i stalk you back. you know this.

  4. HMMMM...Cleaning,
    I'm painting....hmmmm, I'LL BE HAPPY WHEN IT'S DONE!!!!!
    Things we both love, but also don't love. A freshly painted room with a clean house. :)

    I LOVE YOU!!! :)And you to Keith!:)

    Love Momma

  5. ohh ds and I loved 21..good movie :-)

  6. 21 was awesome! it was crazy hard to follow the math though... guess that's why i'm an art girl. :) glad you are loving kinsey too - we are so spoiled having her here at the store!

    have a beautiful day!

  7. I liked 21 too..
    Tony and I rented that last week.

    Cool new blogs thanks for the links.


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